Advantages of Dental Implants l Dental Implants in Kennewick

A dental implant Can work wonders for self-esteem because it feels and looks like a healthy tooth. Many people who smiled shyly because of a gap due to a lost tooth feel more comfortable after a dental implant. In addition to the aesthetics, a modern dental implant also makes eating and speaking easier; a titanium post / ceramic post attached directly to the jaw always holds the implant in place.

Advantages of dental implants at a glance:

  • Protection of healthy teeth
  • Optimized chewing function
  • Creation of natural aesthetics
  • Preservation of taste
  • Preservation of the bone
  • Long durability, durability
  • Safety through fixed dentures
  • Secure prosthesis hold
  • Economics

Can dental implants protect healthy teeth?

Yes, because in contrast to bridges or other alternatives where healthy teeth have to be ground down, dental implants offer the advantage that the tooth structure of the other teeth is wholly preserved.

This, in turn, reduces the risk of infections and tooth decay. Dental implants are, therefore not only functionally demanding, but above all also a gentle solution to replace missing teeth.

Can dental implants prevent incorrect loading of the teeth?

Due to missing teeth and tooth gaps, the remaining teeth are increasingly stressed. The teeth, which serve as bridge pillars, must, therefore, absorb an increased chewing force that would otherwise have been distributed to all teeth. Such massive exposure can increase the risk of premature tooth loss, especially if the periodontium is already weakened by periodontitis.

Do dental implants offer a firm hold and safety?

A particularly important advantage of dental implants is the firm hold and the security that they give patients. For example, (existing) prostheses can be firmly anchored on implants, which have the advantage that the patient is spared painful pressure points. Since the need for a palate plate is also eliminated through the use of implants, the preservation of the sense of taste can be guaranteed.

How do dental implants improve their quality of life?

Loss of teeth because of an accident or illness is painful and puts a strain on self-confidence and the mind. The quality of life in professional and private life is dwindling. All of the advantages of implants mentioned thus increase the quality of life of the patient. They are the most sensible method to treat tooth gaps or an utterly edentulous jaw as gently and as aesthetically as possible.

What about the cost-effectiveness of dental implants?

If implants are appropriately cared for and you come to the dentist for a regular check-up for a check-up, your implants can last a lifetime. Conventional bridges, on the other hand, have a much shorter survival at 5 to 8 years.

The reasons are quickly explained: on the one hand, this is due to bone loss, which is inevitably associated with such solutions. Secondly, they wear out faster. The faster wear is mainly because, due to the missing tooth roots, stronger chewing forces act on the dental bridge and the alveolar ridge.

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